Unfortunately this service is no longer available!  

If you are in need of Kosher food please call or text

Jewish Bradley Chabad  at 309-692-2250 

Kosher food is available @ the Geisert Hall Cafeteria

  F resh Hot Dinners Daily @ Geisert Hall Cafeteria.

With the opening of the two NEW kosher kitchen at the Geisert hall cafeteria, and under the supervision of Rabbi Eli Langsam of Peoria Kosher and director of Chabad Jewish Center of Peoria and Bradley University, fresh kosher hot dinners will be served at Geisert hall Daily!!

These meals can be purchased with Student -card credits, as part of the university meal plan, and to the Jewish community for a nominal fee.  

Rabbi Eli Langsam has been working closely with the university dining to make this happen. "This is a major breakthrough for Jewish life on campus," says Rabbi Langsam director of Chabad @ BU, "this is an issue student and parents have been asking about, and now it's finally happening." 


To find out about Kosher on the weekends or for opportunities on campus and in the Peoria area, email  [email protected] or call 309-692-2250