Kosher Comes to Bradley University

by Mendy Rimler - Peoria, IL

This fall, Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois will be building two new kosher kitchens—one dairy, and one meat—to better accommodate its staff, faculty and 285 Jewish students.

With respect to the Halachic requirements, the university has enlisted the services of Director of Chabad Jewish Center in Peoria Rabbi Eli Langsam, to inspect and certify all food prepared in the kosher kitchens.

In addition to making the university an attractive option for college-bound Jewish students across the country, Langsam says this new venture will be a boon for the local community too.

“Until now, there was no kosher food market available to Peoria’s 700 Jews, but with these kitchens, which I will supervise according to the highest levels of kashruth, locals will now be able to come to the campus and buy kosher meals,” he explains.

The kosher service offers will raise awareness about Judaism and facilitate Chabad’s efforts on campus, Langsam says, “taking our work at the university to the next level.”