What we believe


We believe that there are no preconditions to doing a good deed. Good actions transform us and the world around us. A little bit of light dispels a great deal of darkness.

We believe in the Judaism that binds all Jews together, not in the labels, which drive us apart. Differences and disagreements are opportunities for learning and growth, not for disavowal and disinheritance. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.


We believe that love of our neighbors is what leads to love of G‑d. Through seeking and bringing out the best in others, we bring out the best in ourselves, and only then can we truly understand and reciprocate G‑ds love for us.


We believe that the goodness that G‑d has long prophesied for the Jewish people and for the world is ready to be revealed through the coming of our Righteous Mashiach, and that we will prepare ourselves for that revelation through the observance of Torah, Mitsvot and acts of kindness.