Men, Women & Children!
Be there when the Torah is given for the 3,330th time.
You don’t have to travel to the desert—it’s happening right here!
Come hear the Torah reading of the Ten Commandments.

Sunday, May 20th, 11:30am
Followed by a deluxe Dairy Shavuot Luncheon!
4820 N. Knoxville Ave (corner of Glen)

Saturday, May 19
Light Candles after* 9:03 pm *Light only from 
pre-existing flame.

All night Learning Session beginning at 11:30 PM
Refreshments will be served

Sunday. May, 20th
Morning Services 10:00 AM

Ten Commandments & Deluxe Dairy Luncheon 11:30am

Light Candles after* 9:03 pm

*Light only from
pre-existing flame.

Monday, May 21st,
Morning Services 10:00 AM

Yizkor 11:30

Holiday ends 9:04 pm

For more info call: 309-692-2250 or Email: