Chabad Jewish Center of Peoria & Bradley University
Invites you & your family to a Buffet Deli Luncheon in honor of the Completion and Dedication of the new Steinberg Family Torah

Sunday, November 15, 12:00pm
At the Westlake Hall #116 (Left of Bradley Hall– on Bradley's Campus)
810 N. Tobias Lane Peoria, IL 61625 click here for directions

To become a partner in the Torah by having a letter inscribed for you or in honor/memory of a family member. Please see the form below.

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Please reserve adult and children for the Community Torah Dedication

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I will endow a letter, word, verse, etc. in the Torah. (Please fill out the following section.)

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Become a partner in the Torah
Our sages teach that each and every Jew is compared to a letter in the Torah, which corresponds to his/her soul and
spiritual identity. In fact, it is a great Mitzvah for each person to write their own Torah.
By endowing/sponsoring a letter, word, verse, portion OR BOOK in a Torah - for yourself, your family, you friends, and departed loved ones - it is as if you have written your own Torah.

Please choose from the many options below. And remember, as an added bonus, your endowment/donation will go to spread more TORAH throughout our community!

Torah Dedication Reserved
Endow a Letter,
Word, Verse, Portion
Sponsor an item
$18 Letter

Endow a letter/s of significance to you and/or a loved one.
Or a random one will be chosen.

$36 Word

Endow a word/s of significance to you and/or a loved one. Or a random one will be chosen.

$72 Verse

Endow a verse/s that has a special meaning to your and/or a loved one.
Or a random one will be chosen.

Special sections/verses are not included(See right column, below, for special blessings/verses.)

$360 Parsha (Torah Portion)
Dedicate a random portion or one that corresponds to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding anniversary, Yahrtzeit or any other special date

$770 One Complete Book
Endow a complete book of the Five Books of the Torah.

My dedication is in
honor / memory of:
Please put the names and details in the box below

$500 Gartel (Belt to wrap Torah)

A beautiful velvet belt to wrap the Torah. Sponsor will be honored with the first wrapping of the Torah.

$1,000 Yad (pointer)

Dedicate the silver pointer for the Torah. Yad will be engraved with donor dedication. Sponsor will be honored with adorning the Yad

$5,000 Keter
(Crown atop the Torah)

Dedicate the Keter - the silver crown of the Torah. The "Keter" will be engraved with dedication and sponsor name. The sponsor will be honoredto be the 1st to crown the Torah

$180 Special Selection
(Verse and/or Blessing - choose the section(s) of your choice below.):

1.Breishit: First verse
2. Chazak: End of Book
3. Kohen/Priestly Blessing
4. Shema Yisrael: Paragraph 1
5. Shema Yisrael: Paragraph 2
6. Shema Yisrael: Paragraph 3
7. Az Yashir: praise for miracles
8. Ten Commandments: Shemot
9. Ten Commandments: Dvarim
10. Tamid Einei: Blessing for Israel
11. Ko Yiheye: Blessing for children
12. Hashem, Hashem: 13 Attributes of G‑d's Mercy
13. Verapo Yerape: Physician's "License to Heal"
14. Ani Hashem Rofecha: G‑d's Blessing for health
15. Yesimcha Elokim: Jacobs Blessing to Children

  • Any sponsorship of $180 or more will be given the opportunity
    to assist the scribe with writing a letter in the Torah


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If paying by check, please mail to Chabad Jewish Center 121 East Lake Ave Suite B. Peoria, IL 61614