MikvahA Mikvah is a place used for ritual immersions. A proper mikvah contains a minimum of 40 SE'AH (about 87 gallons) of undrawn water (not filled by bucket or by metal pipes). In general, if there are more than 40 SE'AH, then the remainder of the water may come from any source. Natural lakes, whether or not fed by streams or rivers, qualify. However, these waters may be inaccessible or dangerous and have problems of inclement weather and lack of privacy. Jewish life therefore requires the construction of mikvahs and this has been done in every age and circumstance. Indoor mikvahs, such as the new state of the art mikvah Mei Menachem in Peoria, IL., may thus be used if they meet stringent halachic standards.

Mikvah Mei Menachem is comfortable and aesthetic. It is located at 804 Country Meadows Lane in Peoria. The mikvah is under strict supervision. For appointments click here

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