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Dear Friend,
There are lots of clubs around town. You can join art clubs, dance clubs, karate clubs, and teen clubs. What kind of club offers you the chance to join and make a difference in people’s lives? 
Become a member of a meaningful and worthwhile club. Make a difference in peoples lives by supporting Chabad and joining the CHAI CLUB today! 
Ask any of our Chai Club members why they joined.
They will tell you how they love partnering with Chabad supporting the community’s needs. The Chai Club is a way for community members to show support for the work we do by contributing recurring monthly donations in multiples of Chai (18).

Chai in Hebrew means life, and this unique form of sponsorship allows the vitality of Chabad Synagogue to continue.
Becoming a Chai Club Member is a way for us build our community together!
Through your generous donations we are able keep our programs running and constantly expand our services reflecting the needs of the community. Your support is vital for us to continue bringing yiddishkeit to as many people as possible. 

Want to become a proud member of the Chai Club?
Pick any dollar amount in multiples of CHAI (LIFE = $18) and we will set you up on an automatic monthly charge. You can increase or decrease it at any time.  Become a Chai Club member by clicking here  or by calling our office at 309-692-2250

Thank you in advance for your generosity and continued support and friendship. May you and your loved ones be blessed with Hashem's blessings for all that is good and joyous.


Rabbi Eli Langsam