Jewish Community Celebrates Purim

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Reported by: WMBD/WYZZ TV Newsroom

PEORIA- Peorians at the Barracks Cater Inn take a quick "trip around the world" to celebrate the Jewish holiday, Purim.

Purim remembers the escape of the Jewish people from the ancient empire and focuses on four of the religion's commandments about sharing with your neighbor and giving back.
While no actual traveling was involved in the event, the 9th annual "Around the World" party added a unique twist this year with a Mexican fiesta celebration.

Rabbi Leeli Langsam of the Chabad Jewish Center says, "This is an education for both children and adults and we want to show them how to celebrate the holiday in a great, exciting way."

Participants even got to dress up for the event.
They came as football players, a mariachi band, and even Spiderman made an appearance.