Chabad House of Peoria Prays For Those in Mumbai

By Michelle Mantel

Story Published: Nov 30, 2008 at 10:26 PM CST

The Lubavitch Chabad of Peoria's Rabbi Eli Langsam called for a special moment of prayer this morning for the victims.
He showed a video to remember a former classmate of his Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg.
He was held hostage than later killed by terrorists.
Service attendees say the attack in India, hit home for them.

"It was even more Intense I would say for myself since my mother's Indian and we have a connection with India and my father's Jewish", said Andrea Nathan who attended the service.

The Chabad of Peoria Rabbi Eli Langsam said, "I know him, we were in school together and the sorrow of course reaches much more and hits home much deeper when you know the person."

Langsam says now is the time for people to come together and perform good deeds, also known as mitzvahs in the Jewish tradition.