Local Residents React To Gaza Fighting
Reported by: WMBD/WYZZ Brandon Arno
Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009 @05:56pm CST
WMBD/WYZZ - Peoria - As the fighting in the Gaza Strip continues, people in Illinois are voicing their concerns over the conflict.

At the Chabad Jewish center in Peoria on Tuesday, a service was held to pray for the safety of Jews, not only in Israel, but throughout the world. The service acted as a reminder of the unity shared among all Jewish people.

“It's important we send a message to Jews in Israel and Jews around the world that even though we're tens of thousands of miles away, we're still united in this prayer for their safety and security,” says Rabbi Eli Langsam of the center.

We also spoke with a local man who was born on the West Bank. For him, he hopes people can look at the human aspect of this conflict and realize that this problem is not one-sided and that everyone in Gaza is suffering, Jews and Palestinians alike.

“I don't think that message is getting across,” says Shaher Mizyed. “The casualties, these people, are human people and we need to realize that they're not just a piece of news or anything else. These are children and human beings that are getting killed.”

One thing that both sides can agree on, though, is the hope that this conflict will be resolved soon.